26, British. Kentish born, but living in London. Child of the Chalk is what you'd say if you'd read too much Pratchett.

Supposedly studying PPE, but mostly I'm not.

I spend most of my time reading, smoking, and fucking around on my computer.

The are also Videogames, but shhhhhh.

Stoned out of my gourd most of the time, but not completely averse to the notion of talking to people.

This is my personal (and only) blog, full of stuff I thought was interesting and worthy at the time.


So you attempt to hide your loneliness in public, to behave, in fact, as though you have too many friends already, and thus you hope to attract people who will unwittingly save you. But it never works that way. Your condition is written all over your face, in the hunch of your shoulders, in the hollowness of your laugh. You fool no one.

Believe me in this; I’ve tried all the tricks of the lonely man.

David Marusek (via avvfvl)

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The Box  »  Johnny Flynn

Sweep my mess away
Leave my body, leave my bones
Leave me whole and leave my soul
Leave me nothing I don't need at all
Nothing I don't need at all